January Residency 2020

The program will run January 3rd - February 7th

Interested in a new and exciting studio space with no long term commitment?

Want to be inspired by other creatives in the Rochester Community? 

The Yards Collaborative Residency was founded in 2013 and truly represents the core of our mission. The Yards Residency is a month long program geared towards emerging artists interested in collaborative and creative endeavors. This residency is unlike others in that collaboration remains at the heart of the program, whether it be physically making something with another artist, or being inspired by the work of others within the space.

The residency hosts up to 5 artists at a time in the gallery space, each with a designated working station and wall. Meanwhile within The Yards there will be over a dozen artists with permanent studios, our studio renters are a wonderful resource to bounce ideas by or discuss current art trends. Some past residents include a wide variety of mediums from painters, to sculptors, fiber artists, musicians, and performance artists. Over the month we encourage artists to develop a body of work, however a completed product is not the goal of this program. We hope that artists will explore and develop their practice. At the close of the residency session, artists have the option to participate in the First Friday exhibit of the following month.

Residents will have 24-hour access to the space, and the wood shop is available for use by appointment. The program offers guest critics from well known institutions, along with studio and gallery visits within the Rochester area. Our residency also hosts a public critique (Art Talk) and at least one workshop or panel discussion. We highly encourage residents to interact, engage and develop connections within the rich community The Yards has to offer. We hope that this program is educational, inspiring, and creates a network for further artistic development.

Closing Statement from Christie Nesbit | January 2018 Resident

The Yards Residency program was an inspirational month of immersion into my craft and the Rochester art community. When I applied for the program, I didn’t anticipate the connections I would make, the motivational conversations I would have, and the community I would gain. This Residency program is an integral piece of the Rochester emerging art scene and I am honored to be an alum.

Although four weeks doesn’t seem lengthy, The Yards Director, Kristina Kaiser, and Residency Co-Director, Jason Barber, pack the month with meaningful events and opportunities. During January, myself and the other resident artists had the pleasure of experiencing a private tour of the Memorial Art Gallery, a professional workshop on critique language, led by Jacquelyn O’Brien, and two group critiques. The events of the residency have the perfect balance of inspiration and professionalism – they pushed me to do more work, but in an invigorating manner. In addition to the extracurricular events of the Residency, the regular schedule allowed for 24-hour access to the beautiful, collaborative workspace in The Yards, including open studio hours on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. During this time, the Rochester Public Market is humming on all cylinders and market goers are free to come into the studio space and watch the residents explore their craft. I had the opportunity to speak with other artists, students, children, professionals, and even a couple Rochester Police Officers. These conversations were humbling, and multiple visitors came back for the final showcase at the end of the month. Market Saturdays brought additional excitement to the studio when the guest critics the Residency directors scheduled arrived in our individual spaces. These folks from the Rochester arts community provided intelligent criticism and inspiration that kept me engaged with my work throughout the month. I will never forget the conversations I had with Jonathan Binstock of the MAG, Margo Muto of the MAG, or Rick Muto of Axom Gallery, to name a few. Last, but certainly not least, I am honored I had the chance to work alongside my fellow January residents. Each artist provided their own, unique energy to the collaborative space which created an undeniable, ongoing buzz throughout the month. Also, Kristina did a remarkable job choosing artists with markedly different crafts and Residency goals. As a result, the space felt vibrant and variegated when the Final Showcase night arrived.

The Residency closed with a First Friday Final Showcase of each resident’s work. Our studio spaces were transformed into a dynamic gallery space containing original compositions from seven different artists. The showcase drew a large crowd that was engaged with the artists throughout the evening. Many attendees were return visitors and critics excited to view our progress and accomplishments. It was a magical night!

The Yards Residency provided me with access to people and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had. The Residency pushed my boundaries. I was able to immerse myself in my craft and I had the most prolific period of work I have ever had. Walking away from the studio at the close of the Residency felt bittersweet. However, I left a better artist and a better person than when I first walked into the studio.

Also check out residency alumni  Emily Harper 's blog post from the January 2017 program.


Must be committed to spending a minimum of 15 hours per a week at The Yards. Also must be available to be in house during the open studio hours on Saturdays from 10am- 2pm. Social Media presence is highly encouraged, guest residents will have spotlights on IG and Facebook.


We recommend that you seek sponsorship from friends, family and local businesses. There is a lot of support for The Yards within the Rochester community. Don't hesitate to reach out! 


Applications must be submitted by November 30th and will be reviewed by The Yards Collective. You will be informed of acceptance by December 5th, 2019. If you need to know sooner please indicate so in your application!



    -CV (Emailed to attheyards@gmail.com)

    -Visual or Sound Materials (Website or 20 Images emailed to attheyards@gmail.com)

    -Two character references with suggested letters of recommendation. (Emailed to attheyards@gmail.com)

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