The Yards Collective Internship Program

Want to gain real world experience in the arts?! Consider applying to our internship program.

Average 5-10 hours a week, 3 month commitment, work-trade available!


Our collective offers a unique internship opportunity for artists and creatives who are interested in learning the ins and outs of running an independent gallery space. This is an integral role to keeping the space functioning smoothly, and we are lucky to have worked with some incredible people. Below is the information of our recent interns whose participation continues to affect the success of our space long after their internship period is completed. Want to schedule a meeting to learn more?! Please shoot us an email!


Recent Interns


Terri Zebrak

Saturdays Mornings at Java’s , 2019.  Mixed Media on canvas 4 ft x 4 ft

Saturdays Mornings at Java’s, 2019.
Mixed Media on canvas
4 ft x 4 ft

Terri Zebrak was born in Arizona, but has spent most of her life various regions of the U.S. as well as a few years abroad. The artist currently resides in Fairport, New York with her husband and three children. Her work is influenced greatly by her family. She has earned degrees in Literature, Education, and Graphic Design/Studio Art. See more of Terri’s work on


Charity Hamidullah


Charity Hamidullah was born in a stocking right here in Rochester, New York. Well, sort of. This Christmas baby grew up in a split, but always united household. Her mixed family; racially, economically and spiritually provided her with a truly dynamic upbringing.  She experienced both sides of the Rochester. From the side that often is overlooked to the neighborhoods everyone wants to grow up in. Now she is using her voice and art to speak for them all.

Since Charity Hamidullah could remember she was always intrigued by the people around her. Everyone was so uniquely made. So beautiful and full of stories which made them who they are.  The more and more she heard others’ stories; she began to realize they were similar to her own. As her art takes various transformations with her growth one thing always remains the same; the people and world around them. With various portraits, Hamidullah captures narratives of pain, love, identity, growth and so forth while intertwining different elements of nature to portray their connection.  Instagram: @lovelivecake

Instagram: @lovelivecake



Nicholas LaTona


Nick is an artist whose background is in 3D and received his BFA in sculpture from SUNY Fredonia. He uses an array of materials for his pieces such as copper, wax, paper, wood and thread. Nick draws his influences from his medical background through personal, family, school and work experiences. Using his materials, he creates installations and books that encourage interaction with people to walk around or pick up the piece.  You can check out Nick's work on his instagram