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April 10th: C/V and Resume Workshop

  • What's the difference
  • What verbs are most successful
  • Selling yourself
  • Contemporary Design 

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The Business They Didn't Teach You in Art School

Sew the seeds to creative success this spring!

By Jacquelyn O'Brien

The goal of this four part lecture series is to engage makers with business practices. To isolate viable business practices that will encourage the monetary success's of the artist, as well as market their work for the gallery circuit. Further, it is geared toward growing critique vocabulary, building writing skills, increasing marketability through strength in communication and increasing critical thinking. This series seeks to connect each artist with a stronger sense of self, marketing skills, tools for establishing themselves as a successful artist and the ability to discuss artwork on a highly academic level.

““Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous."— Queen Victoria”

About Jacquelyn O'Brien

Jacquelyn O'Brien is a living and working artist, professor and founder of Politits: Art Coalition.
In the past six years she has been in 25 exhibitions, most notably, 2011 in a two person exhibition “Rough
Relationships”, 2012 the 'Lombardo Award Exhibition', 2013 a solo exhibition “Second Thoughts", 2014
in a juried exhibition “Convergence”, 2015 in thesis exhibition "Open Up", solo exhibition "Hysterical" at
the Joy Gallery, “Down Below” a solo exhibition of her mono-print work in 2016 and was the winner of
the Rochester Contemporary Sculpture Award at Sonneberg Gardens in the summer of 2017. Also, in
2012 Ms. O'Brien won the Lombardo Award at Buffalo State College, (at which she received her BFA in
sculpture), involving a networking trip to New York City, an award exhibition and exhibition of work at
the All SUNY show. While working toward her BFA, Jacquelyn received four separate research grants to
further her study of sculpture. Once receiving her BFA in spring 2013, she was awarded a six week
residency at The Osage Arts Community in Belle, MO. After teaching at The Osage Arts Community and
making work during her residency, Jacquelyn completed her MFA with designation in Sculpture and
Gallery Management at Rochester Institute of Technology. Throughout 2016-17 Ms. O'Brien was in three
residencies at The Yards Collaborative Arts Space in January 2016, Osage Community Center in March
2016 and Main Streets Art Gallery in January – February 2017. Currently, Ms. O'Brien is working at her
studio, teaching as an adjunct faculty member at RIT, managing the visitor center at the National Susan B.
Anthony Museum and House, running The Politits Art Coalition, as well as preparing for upcoming