Holiday Market & Craft Sale

The response to our Holiday Bazaar has been so overwhelming that we decided to extend it to two weekends in December. On December 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th we will be open from 10-2. There will be numerous local vendors, music, and light refreshments. Holiday's at the Market will also be taking place outside Sunday December 10th, with lots of activities for the family! 

For your convenience a complete list of vendors has been posted for each weekend, so you can plan your holiday shopping and gift giving accordingly!

Please email attheyards@gmail.com with any questions.



Please click through to artist's business websites. Vendors with asterisk are showing both weekends.*

Vendors 9th & 10th

Rebecca Lomuto, Rebecca Rafferty, Jina Park*, Danielle DeCaro*, Rachel Dow*Chara Dow*, Alyssa Radwick*,
Sigriet Ferrer, Lisa Barker, Carla Staples*, Sandra Shutter, Susan Peterson, Rachel Farley

Vendors 16th & 17th

Emily Bellinger, Carla Staples*, Kyri Hinkleman, Jina Park*, Danielle DeCaro*, Cara Livermore, Heather Swenson, Rachel Dow*, Chara Dow*, Jenny Fredrick, Alyssa Radwick*, Jess Kreiser, Marisa Krol-16th Only,
Jacquie O’Brien- 17th Only


Stop by December 1st, from 7pm-11pm on First Friday to see new work by Amber Tracy!

Drink specials will be available downstairs at Cure until midnight.

Amber Tracy is an emerging feminist artist and local musician living and working in Rochester, NY. Working primarily with acrylic and oil paint, her art tangles and swirls across the space it inhabits; beckoning to be touched and only defined by the chaos in her brain and movement of the brush. When she is not lost in a painting or teaching art classes for RCSD, she can be found singing to her friends or playing with her cats!

Some words about dystopia ...

Something strange hangs in the air today. I’m not quite sure what it is, or what could happen, but the dullness is cut open and something spills forth. I cannot keep up with the future. My heart struggles and bursts at the crossroads of what seems like one million stars, diamonds breaking in the water, and fragmenting in infinite directions. Here I stand, contemplating. How far have we come as a human race? Do we serve the structures that keep us down? We must ask ourselves...how far are we from such an imagined place or state? All my thoughts are balloons. All my dreams are the air caught inside, and all my words are the sad child’s hand accidentally letting them go, further...further...away into the sky.