Holiday Market & Craft Sale

The response to our Holiday Bazaar has been so overwhelming that we decided to extend it to two weekends in December. On December 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th we will be open from 10-2. There will be numerous local vendors, music, and light refreshments. Holiday's at the Market will also be taking place outside Sunday December 10th, with lots of activities for the family! 

For your convenience a complete list of vendors has been posted for each weekend, so you can plan your holiday shopping and gift giving accordingly!

Please email attheyards@gmail.com with any questions.



Please click through to artist's business websites. Vendors with asterisk are showing both weekends.*

Vendors 9th & 10th

Rebecca Lomuto, Rebecca Rafferty, Jina Park*, Danielle DeCaro*, Rachel Dow*, Alyssa Radwick*,
Sigriet Ferrer, Lisa Barker, Carla Staples*, Sandra Shutter, Susan Peterson, Rachel Farley, Brittany Rea*, Kristina Kaiser, Jane Vintage & Retro-Verte

Vendors 16th & 17th

Emily Bellinger, Carla Staples*, Kyri Hinkleman, Jina Park*, Danielle DeCaro*, Cara Livermore, Heather Swenson, Rachel Dow*, Chara Dow, Jenny Fredrick, Alyssa Radwick*, Jess Kreiser, Marisa Krol-16th Only,
Jacquie O’Brien- 17th Only, Brittany Rea*, Amy Vena, Maria Victoria Savka- 16th Only, Rachel Farley- 17th Only, Kristina Kaiser


Stop by on First Friday to meet our 2018 Residents!

There will be Hors D'oeuvres to share and conversations to be had.

This is an opportunity to meet the residents and get to know their work!

Rose Richter
Website: http://www.instagram.com/rrichterart

Rebecca Lomuto
Website: Www.rebeccalomuto.com

Annalisa Barron
Website: http://www.annalisabarron.com/

Christie Nesbit
Website: http://byfiver.wixsite.com/byfiver

Lisa Rickman
Website: http://www.sowoluphoto.com/

Caleb Sarvis

Harold Tabby & Alyson Trombulak
Website: http://www.instagram.com/thevelvetnoose/


The Business They Didn't Teach You in Art School

A four part lecture series

By Jacquelyn O'Brien

The goal of this four part lecture series is to engage makers with business practices. To isolate viable business practices that will encourage the monetary success's of the artist, as well as market their work for the gallery circuit. Further, it is geared toward growing critique vocabulary, building writing skills, increasing marketability through strength in communication and increasing critical thinking. This series seeks to connect each artist with a stronger sense of self, marketing skills, tools for establishing themselves as a successful artist and the ability to discuss artwork on a highly academic level.

““Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous."— Queen Victoria”