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Dyeing with the Harvest


September 25th: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The Yards Collective

50-52 Public Market, 14609

This introduction class is for the novice dyer who is interested in exploring natural pigments around them. We will delve into the world of natural dyeing starting with supplies found in your kitchen and at the market! We will discuss the best methods to ensure longevity in color and the possibilities to make striking designs through dyeing. Learning the basic terms and concepts essential to understanding natural dye along the way, we will cover: scouring, mordanting, binders, dyestuff, extracts, etc

For the evening, we will be using a combination of fresh, dried and extracted plant material, harvested locally to create a palette full of golds and yellows, greens and greys, all emblematic of the autumn season. By the end of class, each student will have 3 handkerchiefs to bring home, using a variety of techniques from shibori resists, fabric painting and block printing. 

Class Instructor: Rebecca Lomuto

Please come prepared with suitable clothes for working with the dyeing process.

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