Rochester Cocktail Revival // 2016

At the break of summer, The Yards Collaborative Art Space welcomed the seasonal transformation with a rumble. Over a three day span, The Yards, with its team of artists, engineers, and designers, delighted the most considerable audience to date. The Yards had  the task of styling a large outdoor tent for The Rochester Cocktail Revival with unique design considerations each night. This delight is a testimonial example to the amazing team and skills which The Yards cultivates.

From the magnificent 20 foot model hotel installation down to each individual table top, the team planned every detail over the duration of two months. Linked as a group of 12 volunteers, themes were brainstormed, color schemes were weighed, and installations were designed. Using the Yardsā€™ art studio to test, study, and plan, individual  teams focused their creations. The delight of the event started well before the first ticket holder walked through the gates. Some nights over 8 sets of hands were putting together pieces of magic. The strokes of brushes, cut of scissors, and the buzz of a saw were all in motion.

Alongside the makers, minds were at work behind the scenes. With the design inspiration of Wes Anderson, colors were carefully selected, props were tastefully aligned, and attention to detail was held fast. The magic of the team was set forth into the world and more collaboration was generated, partnering with local business. The decorative elements brought on board acted as an additional engine to turn this zephyr into a powerful gust.

The talented team of makers working so diligently in advance put The Yards on a brilliant rail for success. Facing the most relentless challenge of the project, mother nature, the team was put to the test. With poise and critical problem solving skills each team member overcame this massive hurdle and executed their plans with tenacity. This sort of magic is rare to witness and a joy in which to be involved.

As if floating by a feather, the last prop was set in place right before the doors opened and the guests began to arrive. Their faces were drawn by colors, lights and fanciful objects, the curious eyes found miniature delights on the table tops, and on the second night, their necks craned upward finding a barback like no other.The magic of a small team brought a parking lot to life and a throng of enchanted minds to another world for just one weekend to be remembered for years to come.